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We are committed to providing exceptional customer service so you experience smooth frustration free residential & commercial real estate closing and loan settlements.  We work directly with buyers, lenders, sellers, and agents to make sure everyone is in the loop and kept up to date.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate 

Serving Clearfield, Centre, Blair, Jefferson, Elk, Cambria Cameron Counties in Pennsylvania.

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Review of investment plans and funds for the purchase of assets and real estate

Nothing is more important than efficient, professional and courteous service when closing a real estate transaction.

accurate & complete

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We pride ourselves on delivering the most accurate and complete title commitments in a timely manner.


Customer Experience Concept, Best Excellent Services Rating for Satisfaction present.

Our clients have learned to expect the highest level of service and we deliver. Most of our clients are long term!

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“Excellent service always there to help you.”


“We have used Jackie multiple times now and have received excellent service each time. She was wonderful to use when we bought our house, sold our house, and built a new house! She’s personable and makes everything such a breeze! We would highly recommend her!”


“I have relied on Jackie Ciamacco many times. She always happily delivers the best service. A joy to work with!”


“5 Stars”


“Highly recommend Jackie at Ciamacco Settlement Services. We have used her services 3 times and we’ve been very satisfied.”

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A closing can be exciting for a buyer or a homeowner who is refinancing. It can mean a new home or a significant investment. However, in order to ensure that the closing runs smoothly, it is essential for you to have an experienced and knowledgeable team on your side.  We will make your settlement experience a breeze throughout the process and make sure you know what you are signing.

We stand by our clients.

At Ciamacco Settlement Services, we work with many commercial buyers, residential buyers and homeowners looking for efficient and organized settlement officers to get them through the closing and title insurance process.

When you finance, you are paying for both yours and the lenders title insurance policies. Ask to use your own title agent at your next closing!



Jackie is a lifelong resident of the community and has been in the title insurance industry since 2005.

She has facilitated thousands of residential and commercial real estate transactions. Jackie has a clear working knowledge of how the chain of title and other instruments affect the marketability of the real property.

She has long maintained a solid reputation with Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Lenders.

"I want to be sure that every one of our clients has a real estate buying and financing experience that is transparent, understood and painless."

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Jackie Ciamacco, Title Agent

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Serving Clearfield, Centre, Blair, Jefferson, Elk, Cambria Cameron Counties in Pennsylvania.

Call us today! (814) 236-1255


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